Local government procurement practitioners need to recognise the inextricable link between governance, accountability and socio-economic development in South Africa

High unemployment, a lowering of the living standards of the majority of people, and limited resources for infrastructure upgrades have resulted in increased levels of frustration […]

Confusion surrounding procurement practitioner roles is hampering long-term socio-economic development in Africa

While procurement, as a sub-process of supply chain management, is largely recognised as a catalyst for industrialisation and national and regional development, it is often misunderstood […]

Perceptions versus realities: The role of procurement in Africa’s long-term socio-economic development

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The role of women in the long-term industrialisation of Africa

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Strategic Sourcing is key to industrialisation in Africa

Since the industrial revolution of the 19th century, countries around the world continue to drive industrialisation as a core component of their socio-economic development. Notwithstanding significant […]

Be Bold and long term driven on Enterprise and SMME Development

Africans do not want handouts, Africans want jobs. In a time of intense market competition and widespread unemployment, businesses and governments alike need to look for […]

Procurement is key to long-term regional wide Industrialisation, SMME growth and socio-economic prosperity

Globally it is now accepted that procurement, a sub-process of supply chain management plays an essential role in local and regional wide industrialisation. Numerous independent research […]

Ghana Hosts 2015 CIPS Pan African Lectures in Accra, Kumasi

The Chartered Institute for Procurement and Supply (CIPS), in partnership with Professor Douglas Boateng and the PanAvest Foundation, has drawn a programme for the 2015 Pan […]

New study highlights directors’ perceptions on supply chain negotiations

Initial outcomes from a study are finding that while finance and legal are still seen to be the most powerful functions during the negotiation process, supply […]